Monday, May 23, 2016

Chomsky on Trump II

In the video below.

Once again, good and bad points. Yes, working class Americans savaged by neoliberalism have a lot to do with the rise of Trump, but so do the issues of regressive left nonsense, political correctness and open borders.

Chomsky is also clueless on the EU, just as much of the left.


  1. Chomsky has addressed issues regarding the regressive left:

  2. I thought the US has a net migration outflow (from US back to Mexico) over the last five years?

  3. The net outflow of migrants from the US is linked below. Not sure as to how much of the outflow is correlated with the Global Financial Crisis and/or cracking down on employers hiring migrant laborers (at abysmally low levels in the US) to "some degree." Nevertheless, some polling data do account for Trump's support as either (1) telling it like it is, or (2) not afraid to be politically incorrect. I'm curious to what degree (1) and (2) explain much of his recent support.

  4. Speaking of the EU

    A stronger supporter of European federalism just won elections in Austria.

    Just won you thought popular sentiment was turning against EU...

    1. He won 50.3% to 49.7% thanks to people abroad voting by mail.

  5. The Conspiracy to Elect Donald J Trump

    This shit *will* elect Trump if it continues. America is not France. In France you riot you win; in America you riot you lose.

    And it bids fair to continue.