Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Real Problem with Jeremy Corbyn

Quite simple. He’s in favour of the UK staying in the EU, even when a heroic wing of his own Labour party is anti-EU and wants out, because they correctly see that the EU is a corporate tyranny and threat to democracy and left-wing economics.

Democracy and the EU are incompatible, and more and more people in Europe agree.

Meanwhile, over at the European parliament, it’s left to the leader of the UK’s right-wing, populist Thatcherite party to complain that the EU is anti-democratic. Poor old Jeremy won’t be saying this anytime soon, so it seems.


  1. In fairness to him, he is skeptical of it and wanted the Labour position to be 'wait and see' both for personal reasons and to try and force Cameron's hand in the negotiations, but got pushed out of it to try and hold the party together.

    Admittedly that didn't work but...

  2. Euroscepticism could do without the stupidity and poison of Farage, UKIP and other UKIP-like groups. and are just a few examples.

    To their credit though, have decided recently to work with Dr Richard North, showing some seriousness, so their might be a bit of hope for them. There is no hope for UKIP, they're only appealing to the bigots who would vote for them, and not to the saner people who can be persuaded to join a Eurosceptic movement that isn't tainted by UKIP.

    Here's a serious Eurosceptic blog: