Saturday, January 23, 2016

Chomsky on Freedom of Speech

Note well: Chomsky is a radical man of the left and he (1) condemns hate speech laws, (2) the idea that the government should determine what is history, and (3) laws against Holocaust denial. Why? Because is a radical defender of free speech, the most precious foundation of a free society.

But the regressive left these days would no doubt subject him to the most vicious abuse for this sort of defence of freedom of speech, because the regressive left often opposes free speech. Could there be any greater betrayal of a truly free society?


  1. LK, what are your thoughts on this paper by Walter Block "proving" Milton Friedman was a socialist. Personally, I enjoyed the work cited list, especially the page in which the author did almost nothing but cite himself.

    1. To Rothbardians cultists everybody is socialist, even Hayek. I am surprised they don't think Mises was one too.

  2. Walter Block throws around the words socialistic and fascistic a bit too liberally.

    On topic, I do not understand how Holocaust denial laws started coming up around 1990, whereas it was that Holocaust deniers had less public stigma in the 1960s (much closer to the actual events!!!).