Sunday, January 24, 2016

Calais Chaos

It is in the news here and here.

And people wonder why the French National Front did so well in the first round of French regional elections.

We now learn that disgraceful far left anarchists are inciting the migrants to violence.

Is this the future of Europe? Nations with no control over borders, and Europe filled up with large numbers of migrant camps, with people living as an underclass and with serious breakdown of law and order, and governments unwilling or powerless do to anything?

At some point, reality has to sink in: the migrants in Calais are demanding to be let into the UK. This is an unreasonable demand when they can claim asylum in France, or another European nation that will take them.

There is also reason to think that a significant number aren’t even genuine refugees at all, but mere economic migrants (see here and here).

Jeremy Corbyn yesterday visited the Grande-Synthe camp near Dunkirk, and complained that conditions there are a disgrace, as we can see in the video below.

No doubt that is true: conditions in these camps are disgraceful and inhuman.

So why encourage the migrants in their unreasonable demand to be let into Britain when that won’t happen any time soon? Why not tell them to face reality and claim asylum in France so that they can leave these wretched camps and actually get help from the French government?

What is more compassionate here in view of hard realities?

Finally, I can foresee so easily what will happen to Labour under Jeremy Corbyn: his chances of getting into number 10 will be crippled by (1) his love of the EU and (2) his support for open borders and mass immigration, when these issues are becoming politically toxic in the UK for good reasons (here and here).


  1. I predicted Corbyn would destroy Labour. That was before the Calais situation. (my main argument is that no party not fundamentally decent can long survive, or have an indecent man like Corbyn as a leader and remain decent. )

  2. I agree with Ken B... this explains it in video form:

  3. Here is Corbyn's friend Putin take on EU immigration: