Friday, December 4, 2015

Peter Hitchens on Germany, Russia, and the EU

An interesting analysis of current EU politics by Peter Hitchens with reference to Germany and Russia, with some good historical background. It is interesting because some of his thoughts line up with what people on the left have also argued on, for example, the Ukraine, and the absurdity of the “new” Cold war that has been ratcheted up with Russia.


  1. "Also, he endorsed the 2014 Crimea referendum.[98]"

    So the military occupation of Crimea is democratic, but EU is evil German super-state? Well, if this is the kind of morality he believes on, centered around the law of the stronger and cowardice, then why USA should not send troops in UK to organize a "referendum" there?

    LK, you've fallen very low here...

    1. (1) "So the military occupation of Crimea is democratic, but EU is evil German super-state? "

      He never any such claim, but pointed out the occupation of Crimea is as illegal as Turkey's occupation of parts of Cyprus.

      (2) also, I never claimed I endorsed everything he said.

    2. He also never said the EU is an "evil German super-state" but that Germany is the natural hegemon on the continent of Europe.

    3. 1) I've cited wikipedia, not the video you posted and which i've not looked. 2) fair point

      About Germany being the "natural" hegemon, i've my doubts. France has more land than Germany and better demographic trend. Anyway, why there has to be an hegemon to begin with? Political power can and should be shared in any union.

    4. And about Putin's Russia, take a look at . This summarizes why 1) it's so dangerous and toxic for Europe and 2) it'll stay this way for the foreseeable future.

    5. "So the military occupation of Crimea is democratic, but EU is evil German super-state?"

      -I agree with both claims, to a first approximation.

      And as for Russia's economy, Russia's unemployment rate is half a percentage point higher than that of the U.S., despite a recent very bad month. The recent oil price shock is No Big Deal in the long run (except for government finances- Russia, unlike the U.S. or Saudi Arabia, will find it difficult to run deficits 3.5% of GDP forever).

      And on the business front, yes, there are long-run problems (which have existed since Russia's founding) but not all is hopeless. Russia has climbed numerous places in the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business index. Of course, Georgia did the same, and that didn't help much.

    6. Military occupation of Crimea is caused due to west policy towards Eastern Europe and Russian reaction was expected. Russian cannot allow pro western Ukrainian as it may threaten their stratergic interest See UnCommon Core: The causes and consequences of Ukrainian crisis on YouTube.
      2. U.S. still has troops in Europe so its difficult for Germany to become a hegemon and challenge USA.

    7. Interesting opinion by a renowned economist [" I think its in Germany's interest to leave EU, revive mark , and enter into economic partnership with Russia. German industry,technology,and economic and financial rectitude,combined with Russian energy and raw materials, would pull all of Eastern Europe into new economic union , with each country retaining its own currency and budgetary and tax authority. This would break NATO,which has become instrument of world oppression and is forcing Europeans to assume burden of American Empire.Sixty seven years after World war II , twenty two years of German reunification,and twenty one years after the collapse of Soviet Union, the Germany is still occupied by U.S troops . Do European desire a future as puppet state of a collapsing Empire or do they desire a more promising future of their own.": Paul Craig Roberts- The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism .].
      I don't think US will leave troops in near future as it may allow Germany to become a potential hegemon once again and US don't want that.