Saturday, December 5, 2015

If the National Front wins big in the upcoming French Elections …

... will this, admittedly amongst other issues, have a great deal to do with it?

The situation in Calais is extraordinary: it is now being described as a “war zone.”

This is the European Union today: its policies have caused a breakdown in law and order so bad that many ordinary working people driving trucks between England and France can’t do their jobs properly and fear for their lives.

The documentary below illustrates this, although it fails to ask the tough question: how many are just economic migrants, not genuine refugees.

How are the policies that have led to this, and allow it to continue, left-wing?

And if the National Front wins big in France in the coming days, as many suspect, will left-wing people in Europe be able to face the reality that radical changes are needed in their policies on the EU, economic sovereignty and open borders?


  1. How are they left wing? They are supported you left wing people and parties. That suffices. How for example is the complete prohibition of abortion conservative? It involves an intrusive state and overriding common law. It is not conservative as a platonic ideal, but is supported by conservative people and parties.

    It is also a particular manifestation of identity politics and the notion of groups not persons as the important entities and actors; these are left wing ideas.

  2. Very well indeed.
    Will this provoke a WTF reaction, "we meant to protest not actually elect", or a breaking of the taboo? My money is on the latter. Both ladies win their run offs is my guess. I would not be surprised to see other regions too.

    1. Analysis here:

      As you say, it could very well be a real shift in votes and genuine support.

      We'll know after the 13th in the next round. If Marine Le Pen wins in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie region I say my analysis in the post above is vindicated.

  3. Will left wing people be able to face reality? Unlikely, if the Guardian's views are anything to go by.

    Check out Toynbee's article today on Brexit. No indication that the EU is anything but a Good Thing. Then sample the intriguing article on Islamophobia just now, which suggests any unfavourable view of this creed is enough to condemn you as an I-phobe.

    You might then recall that Yvette Cooper wanted to criminalise Islamophobia.

    Then reflect on the fact that you had to visit the polling booth twice last time around in a vain attempt to steel yourself to vote Labour.