Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bibliography on Debt Deflation

I provide a bibliography below on debt deflation, which includes some of the neoclassical literature, as well as the Post Keynesian work.

See Steve Keen’s criticisms of an earlier version of Eggertsson and Krugman (2012) for the problems in the neoclassical approach to debt deflation.
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  1. Very useful, thanks. Also, I would suggest Keynes GT ch. 19, and Kalecki's 1944 EJ reply to Pigou as relevant for the history of thought component (not just Fisher).

  2. Tom Palley's PK manual too, I sould add.

  3. Thanks for the bibliography. I am reading Raines and Leathers (2008) at the moment. As the title suggest, they attempt to cover a wide range of theories spanning Classical, Neo-Classical, Post-Keynesian, "Walrasian" Austrian, and Old Institutional thinkers. With every press release from a major central bank I suspect that this thinking is lost; if their DSGE model isn't telling them about deflationary tendencies then it isn't there.