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Ludwig Lachmann: Bibliography and Resources

I generally enjoy reading the work of Ludwig M. Lachmann (1906–1990), even if I am in no sense an Austrian. However, if there is one Austrian that Post Keynesians should be familiar with, it is Lachmann.

That being so, I’ll start a bibliography for Lachmann’s work below. Some interesting trivia:
(1) Lachmann received a PhD in 1930 under Werner Sombart at the University of Berlin.

(2) Lachmann was at the London School of Economics (LSE) as research assistant to Hayek, and observed the epic debates between Keynes and Hayek. Lachmann was a friend of George L. S. Shackle.

(3) Lachmann went to South Africa in 1948.

(4) His radical subjectivism played a major role in the revival of Austrian economics in the 1970s, when in 1975 he became a Visiting Professor of Economics at New York University (for modern Austrians talking about Lachmann’s influence, see here and here).
Lachmann’s work came to emphasise subjective expectations and the volatility of asset markets (see Lachmann 1988) and their effects on investment – ideas he shared with Keynes (Garrison 1987). Lachmann analysed the emerging Post Keynesian school at Cambridge (including Sraffa’s work) in Lachmann (1973; see also Mongiovi 1994).


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  1. This is awesome that there is a nice list on Lachmann's work. Great way to end the 2011 year.

  2. I've read partially some of Lachmann's work, but I find it really hard to see where he is coming from. What book or article would you recommend as a good start?

  3. Why not just listen to his lecture?:

    But if you want a book:

    Lachmann, L. M. 1986. The Market as an Economic Process, B. Blackwell, Oxford, UK and New York.