Friday, December 16, 2011

MMT Conference Panel: Fiscal Austerity or Stimulus?

An interesting set of talks here on MMT and the current drive for austerity in some countries. This was a panel held on December 8, 2011 at the University of Newcastle (Australia) as part of the 13th Path to Full Employment Conference/18th National Unemployment Conference (December 7-8, 2011), hosted by the Centre of Full Employment and Equity (CofFEE). The speakers are:
(1) Professor William Mitchell (CofFEE, University of Newcastle)
(2) Professor L. Randall Wray (UMKC-Missouri)
(3) Professor Joan Muysken (CofFEE-Europe, University of Maastricht)
(4) Dr Bruce Philp (Nottingham Trent University).

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