Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Three Cheers for Tucker Carlson!: Heroic Economic Populist

Tucker Carlson channels left-wing economics in this debate with the free market, Neoconservative charlatan Ben Shapiro:

You have to admire Tucker Carlson for this, despite the gushing praise for the ill-defined concept of “capitalism.” Shapiro, in response, mouths utterly dumb, empty, meaningless drivel.

Tucker Carlson is easily the best thing to ever happen to the brain-dead Conservative media in America, probably in living memory.

Tucker has morphed from a pointless beltway libertarian (who even supported the Iraq war!) into a Nationalist, anti-war, economic populist, broadcast on – of all places – Fox News.

Tucker has discovered the magic formula that actually represents what the majority of people in the Western world want, which is as follows:
(1) closed borders and an end to the tidal wave of illegal and legal immigration causing utterly catastrophic demographic change (for example, the coming disaster of the Islamisation of Europe);

(2) an end to the sheer insanity of the Cultural Leftist/Cultural Marxist onslaught on everything decent, healthy and normal in the social and cultural sphere, and

(3) left-wing economics: either the old-fashioned post-WWII Western European welfare states and full employment economies, or some kind of populist economics.
If the Western world’s truly dumb and worthless Conservatives ever actually offer the public this political program and implement it, they could probably win for a whole generation.

Perhaps we are even seeing the first signs of such a shift in Italy, where the Nationalist Lega party of Matteo Salvini in coalition with the populist Five Star Movement is moving toward just such a program.

But, to get back to the video, Tucker may be a bit extreme in what he says about trucks! The solution to driverless trucks is to phase them in slowly, and use the power of government to find economically-productive employment for the men made unemployed.

Naturally, we also need a strong industrial policy to rebuild manufacturing, severe regulation of parasitic, rentier finance capitalism, and Keynesian full employment policies to ensure a booming economy.


  1. Make more posts about history as the one about austria pls LK

  2. Yes. This (Carlson’s appearance in conservative media) is very positive. His combination of moderately left wing economics with nationalism and social conservatism is bound to appeal to the white working class. As a class this group has voted Republican on social grounds for decades, despite the economic pain it brought. Western nations are crying out for a responsible and modern left wing nationalism, but all the Fake Left delivers is more mass immigration and rainbow minority grievance mongering.
    I wonder, though, whether his conservative network will eventually want to steer him back to the swamp of neo-classical economics.. Time will tell.


  3. Well, 1 and 2 are what I want. (3 is too ill defined to mean anything, though I favor a generous welfare (not nanny) State.) But is it really what most people want? The Democrats in the USA seem want open borders.

  4. No comment on the Syria pull out? The Democrats are pretending the proves Trump works for Putin.

    1. It's like if you are anti-war, then you are a traitor.

  5. What about the economic policies of M5S/Lega ? Flattax ? Still a primary excedent budget ?
    It does not sound social-democratic, let alone populist to me. Not a bit.
    Is it not the old fashioned Lampedusa's"changing everything, so that nothing really changes" ?
    The same trick being applied by more and more so called "populists", eager to blame every suffering on foreigners and to use the national flag so as to avoid the hard issue : wealth and power distribution throughout society and how globalisation is reshaping it in a totally undemocratic way.
    (Neoliberalism is dying, long live neo-neoliberalism ?)