Thursday, March 23, 2017

Down with Ryancare!

Because as pointed out here, this will be branded Trumpcare and may ruin Trump’s presidency:

What is more, I wouldn’t be surprised if – perhaps privately even now – Trump may be a supporter of universal health care:

I hope this will not be the epitaph for the Trump presidency: that he was a man with good instincts ruined by free marketeers and GOP Cuckservative advisors.

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  1. I was under the impression that Ryancare was watered-down Obamacare and if this fails the alternative will be more libertarian?

  2. LK let's face It. US will not have universal health care. It is not only Trump who cannot make It happen. He was talking about single payer during his campaign.

    1. You can have a public/private model which offers universal coverage and still keeps costs down. I think that's a realistic and achievable option for the US.

    2. May be you know more about it than I do. I am very pessimistic at this point.