Saturday, October 18, 2014

Marcello de Cecco on the Gold Standard Before World War I

Marcello de Cecco, an economic historian, is interviewed here on the pre-World War I gold standard, and the way it was already breaking down before 1914 (h/t to Jan).

One of his important books is The International Gold Standard: Money and Empire (2nd edn.; 1984).

de Cecco, Marcello. 1984. The International Gold Standard: Money and Empire (2nd edn.). F. Pinter, London.


  1. Thanks for this, LK. It should be noted that it is just the first part of a four-part inverview. All the videos are on the INET page, and on youtube. Amazingly, INET have not provided an audio-only version, or a Podcast, even though it's just the sound that matters as far as I can tell, the images are just of two people talking to each other. Still, it's fairly easy to find on the Web tools for extracting the audio from Youtube videos in MP3 format, so I did just that and listened to the first two parts. I plan to listen to the other two as well, it's fairly interesting!

    1. Thanks! I plan to post the other videos at some stage.