Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jan Kregel on Financial Liberalisation in China

Jan Kregel gives a talk below called “China in the World: Growth, Adjustment, and Integration,” given at the Institute for New Economic Thinking’s “Changing of the Guard?” conference held in Hong Kong.

The talk from about 27.55 discusses issues of financial regulation, liberalisation, real estate speculation, and the emerging shadow banking system in China and its role in Chinese economic development.

One important point brought out is how China’s stimulus after 2008 was implemented via funding from its banking system, something Western nations are not able to do with such lesser control over their financial systems.


  1. Post Keynesians like bow ties too ?!

    1. Absolutely.. have one myself!

      P.S. please tell me that was a Doctor Who reference?

    2. I assume he refers to the An-Cap/Austrian penchant for bow ties.

      Don't tell us you've never heard of this.

    3. Ha ha,yes i have noticed the Austrian/An-cap often wear bow ties in strange colours!
      Was is Rothbard that started that habit??Neo-classical or mainstream of all flavors, at least in the older generation , all had beard,for some reason.My old professors looked like Irving Fischer almost everyone of them !