Monday, November 19, 2012

Steve Keen Interview on China, Environmental Issues and Minsky Models

This appears to be a recent interview given on November 18, 2012 while Steve Keen was at the International Conference on Sustainability, Transition and Culture Change (Grand Rapids, Michigan, November 16-18, 2012).

Steve talks about a variety of issues, but all interesting.


  1. Lord Keynes,

    I'm a huge fan of your blog. Many of your posts I have no trouble comprehending, but others posts are clearly beyond my economic knowledge. I would appreciate if you provided me a starting point so I have a firm base of knowledge in Post-Keynesian economics (and even the history of Austrian economics if you are inclined). Other bloggers are also welcome to comment, as any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you

    1. Some basic books on Keynes:

      Davidson, Paul. 2009. The Keynes Solution: The Path to Global Economic Prosperity (1st edn). Palgrave Macmillan, New York and Basingstoke.

      Skidelsky, R. J. A. 2010. Keynes: The Return of the Master (rev. and updated edn.). Penguin, London.

      More advanced treatments:

      Davidson, Paul. 2009. John Maynard Keynes (rev. edn.). Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke.

      Hayes, Mark. 2006. The Economics of Keynes: A New Guide to The General Theory. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham.

      Hein, Eckhard and Engelbert Stockhammer (eds.). 2011. A Modern Guide to Keynesian Macroeconomics and Economic Policies. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham.

      Post Keynesian textbooks: