Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Marshall Auerback on the Eurozone

Marshall Auerback talks about the Eurozone crisis here, in a debate on RT.

One of the other persons interviewed also raises the possibility of Greece leaving the Eurozone in the near future, and of wider-scale bank runs in the peripheral nations, if action is not taken to stop this ongoing disaster.


  1. LK,

    I was hoping you could take some time to answer a question I've thinking about for some time but have never seen answered. Do you feel like their is a common cause for the home boom and financial crisis. I've seen some conservative commentators say it was Freddie/Fannie but that doesn't seem to make sense since these enterprises didn't exist in other countries. Was it a low interest rate by banks across Europe and the US. Or was it an issue of deregulation? Or is there nothing common? Thank you.


    1. The housing bubbles and financial crisis were mainly caused by poorly regulated financial systems, a trait of many countries since the 1980s.

  2. Peter Lavelle was good at shouting down the German; he hardly got to say anything. He was as muffled here as the European voters have been from the beginning. If they had gotten their say, the Euro problems would not be there, anymore than the Euro.