Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Dalai Lama’s Racism and Evil Tibetan Supremacy

Years ago, the Dalai Lama gave this hateful interview to the Guardian:
Julian Borger, “Tibet could be ‘Swamped’ by Mass Chinese Settlement after Olympics, says Dalai Lama,” The Guardian, 24 May 2008.
During his interview, the Dalai Lama revealed his bigotry and complained that “Beijing was planning the mass settlement of 1 million ethnic Chinese people in Tibet after the Olympics with the aim of diluting Tibetan culture and identity,” and, if that happened, that Tibet would be transformed into a “truly Han Chinese land and Tibetans [sc. would] become an insignificant minority.”

How does the Dalai Lama get away with this racism and hateful demonisation of immigrants??

Doesn’t he know that millions of Chinese immigrants will culturally enrich Tibet?

Doesn’t he appreciate how much vibrant diversity millions of Chinese immigrants will create in Tibet? What’s more, to be truly diverse, Tibet should clearly import millions of Muslims, Indians, and Africans too – because we know that diversity is always a strength!

Furthermore, it is certain that these Chinese immigrants to Tibet will just be doing the jobs that native Tibetans don’t want to do! Who could object to that?

Even worse, the Dalai Lama actually thinks that native Tibetans should have a right to control their borders and immigration policy, so that they will not become a minority in their own homeland! What kind of racist, hateful bigot and evil “Tibetan supremacist” would believe such a Nazi idea??

After all, there is no evidence of any kind that people who become minorities can suffer discrimination, prejudice or horrible persecution (as long as we exclude Roma Gypsies, Jews, and Palestinians … but it would be racist to mention them).

In short, why do so many Western Liberals and Leftists support the hateful bigotry and racism of the Dalai Lama and his racist Tibetan followers?? Why does the modern Left support “Tibetan Supremacy” and evil “Tibetan Privilege” in Tibet?

Why isn’t diversity a joyful strength in Tibet??

Back to Reality
And now I’ve finished trolling we can turn to the real issues here.

The native people of Tibet who support the Dalai Lama obviously think the following:
(1) Tibet is the homeland of the native Tibetan people;

(2) native Tibetans want control of their borders, and do not want mass immigration of culturally and ethnically alien people forced on them, people who threaten the cultural and ethnic homogeneity of their nation, and

(3) Tibet must remain a nation where the native Tibetan people are the majority of the population and where their national culture is preserved.
There is, of course, nothing wrong with these ideas: they are normal, natural, moral and healthy.

For years, Western Leftists and Hollywood Liberals who campaign for freedom for Tibet have either explicitly or tacitly supported these ideas too.

But why is it that the modern Left goes insane with rage and cannot support the following ideas?:
(1) Europe is the homeland of the native European people;

(2) native Europeans want control of their borders, and do not want mass immigration of culturally and ethnically alien people forced on them, people who threaten the cultural and ethnic homogeneity of their nations, and

(3) Europe must remain a region with nations where the native European people are the majority of the population and where their national cultures are preserved.
Even people on the mainstream Left before the 1960s would have believed these propositions.

But in our Western culture today shaped by the Left – and even on most of the worthless and idiotic mainstream Conservative right – the ideas above are usually condemned as “racism,” “hate,” “fascism” or “white supremacy.” But they, expressed simply in the terms above, are nothing of the sort.

As I said: they are normal, natural, moral and healthy.

If Leftists support these ideas for Tibet, why don’t they support them for Europe?

To maintain a stable population, a First World nation needs a fertility rate of 2.1. But most Europeans have fertility rates below this:

If European fertility rates continue to stay below 2.1, then Europeans will slowly die out, though, admittedly, this would take a long time.

But it is worse than this. Because of below replacement fertility rates and the unending tidal wave of mass immigration into Europe, native Europeans like the native British are set to become minority in their own nations by the end of the 21st century if trends continue.

This is because of a basic principle of Darwinian evolution and population genetics: differential birth rates. If, in one region, Group A has a lower birth rate and Group B has a higher birth rate, then over time Group B replaces Group A. If more and more members of Group B enter the given region, then this trend will be massively accelerated.

Data from a Pew Research Center report of 2011 shows that in Europe Muslim immigrants have a higher fertility rate than native Europeans (Grim et al. 2011: 131). The demographic trends predicted in the Pew Research Center report will be greatly accelerated by Angela Merkel’s importation of over 1.3 million migrants into Europe in 2015–2016, and the further mass immigration from family reunification.

You don’t have to be a genius to understand what the long-run demographic trends will be if present policies are continued.

Already in London, native British people are a minority. In Germany, native ethnic Germans are a minority in Frankfurt.

Some on the truly sick and depraved Left actually celebrate this as some kind of wonderful achievement:

But it gets even worse. Insane European governments are importing millions of Muslims into Europe, who will not assimilate and who live in communities that become centres of radical Islam and violent Islamism. Long before the demographic catastrophe happens, Europe will be hit by a full-scale Islamist insurgency, and, indeed, Europe is already in a low-level Islamist insurgency.

It doesn’t take a lot of intelligence to see where Europe is headed: it will experience catastrophe not only because of the economic collapse caused by Neoliberalism, but also because of the demographic and cultural collapse caused by mass immigration, and perhaps even a civil war caused by Islamism.

In these circumstances, Europeans will increasingly be driven to vote for the populist right and far right, and, if things get bad enough, perhaps even for full-blown fascism.

As I have said before, you would think that the Left would contain people who can see the truth and would like to stop such a disaster from happening.

But, no, the reality is that what passes for the modern Left has no interest in supporting policies or addressing the underlying issues that would stop this rising tide of popularity for the far right: on the contrary, most of the Left vehemently demand policies that will only accelerate the collapse. This is why the modern Left, as it currently exists, is hopeless and doomed to fail.

Grim, Brian J. et al. 2011. The Future Global Muslim Population: Projections for 2010–2030. Pew Research Center, Washington, D.C.


  1. Agreed that there is an issue here, even if the phrasing "low level insurgency" does not fit the situation. But the words "the modern left" are a little bit confusing.
    You did yourself mention many leftwing politicians criticising open borders. Bernie Sanders being the most famous one.

  2. Completely agree. The organised left in Western nations turned against the white working classes en masse in the 1960’s. It is very refreshing to see the beginnings of a revolt by real socialists against this Fake Left, which has pandered to the same globalist dream loved by the corporate plutocracy for decades.

  3. The ‘supracultural’ society hoped for by the German Greens speaker is indistinguishable from the global one-world wage-slave-consumer society desired by Big Business.

    The Fake Left and corporate oligarchy, in lockstep agreement. Again.


  4. Apparently not every green party fellow agrees with the MP speaking in the video :

  5. Not an easy issue to resolve other than to regard it as a cultural one. The United States on the whole is successful as a "melting pot" but a great deal of effort is put into to developing a particular set of cultural beliefs to support the "melting pot."