Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Orwellian Social Media

In essence, if there was any doubt at all that the Cultural Left has massive ideological control of popular social media like YouTube and tech companies like Google, then there can be no doubt now.

Sargon of Akkad exposures the massive private censorship on YouTube:

And Sargon himself has been suspended from Twitter:

I had my differences with Sargon on economics and his feeble “Classical Liberal” world-view, but he did heroic work exposing SJW lies and insanity, and these social media purges and Orwellian censorship are ominous signs.

See Sargon of Akkad’s other social media:
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See also Dave Rubin and Dave Rubin:
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  1. Two words: anti-trust.

    We heard a few years ago about "too big to fail" that really meant too big, rich, connected to be allowed to fail. I think we are seeing the same thing, but even worse. The answer to that is: don't allow such big multinational companies. We broke up Standard Oil.
    It will of course take a political party willing to try. They seem in short supply.

  2. Simultaneously a number of alt-right writers have been kicked off Twitter and Facebook. The Counter Currents Facebook page has been suspended and their PayPal account shut down.

    This is starting to look like a coordinated DeepState attack on anyone whose views diverge from those of of our corporate, globalist oligarchs.

    While there's much about the alt-right to be leery of - particularly their affection for capitalism and inability (in many cases) to ditch the shopworn Reagan/Thatcher social agendas - they make some pertinent observations about the SJW left and they're certainly not globalists. Their views represent a threat to the ongoing dissolution of national cultures to make way for a one world economy.

    Any person who genuinely believes in freedom of speech should be appalled and frightened by these moves against groups and individuals whose only 'crimes' are to express unfashionable opinions. Denial of service by social media and PayPal amounts to the same type of repression that Communists (real ones) faced in the US in the 1950's.