Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Short Bibliography on Protectionism and Industrial Policy

The issue of protectionism – and the related issue of industrial policy – is back on the political agenda, mainly because of the current US election season.

Some very good books and articles relevant here are as follows:
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Some interesting articles on the role of infant industry protectionism in the US in the early 19th century are as follows:
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  1. Chalmers Johnson's MITI and the Japanese Miracle used to be required reading, as much as Robert Wade's Governing the Market. Michael Best's The New Competition was less influential, but I think was relevant too. Also, the neo-Schumpeterian literature stemming from Nelson and Winter, like the work by Dosi. I would also recommend the more recent work by Fred Block on the hidden developmental state in the US.

  2. I've given you some criticism on foreign policy, but I must say overall I've found your blog to be quite a useful resource and in many cases a good exercise in challenging minds. I post a lot of stuff I find here to a group I run related to Men's Rights Activism. Just thought you should know ;-)