Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Study Guides to and Overviews of Marx’s Capital

I am planning to summarise volume 1 of Marx’s Capital chapter by chapter, and one can find some interesting dictionaries, study guides and overviews of Capital, as follows:
Bottomore, Tom. 1991. A Dictionary of Marxist Thought (2nd edn.). Blackwell, Cambridge, MA.

Fraser, Ian and Lawrence Wilde. 2011. The Marx Dictionary. Continuum, London and New York.

Walker, David and Daniel Gray. 2007. Historical Dictionary of Marxism. Scarecrow Press, Lanham, MD.

Encyclopedia of Marxism

Study Guides, Companions and Overviews
Cleaver, Harry. 1979. Reading Capital Politically. Harvester Press, Brighton.

Brewer, Anthony. 1984. A Guide to Marx’s Capital. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

Foley, Duncan K. 1986. Understanding Capital: Marx’s Economic Theory. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass. and London.

Wheen, Francis. 2006. Marx’s Das Kapital: A Biography. Grove Press, New York.

Bidet, Jacques. 2007. Exploring Marx’s Capital: Philosophical, Economic and Political Dimensions (trans. David Fernbach). Brill, Leiden and Boston.

Harvey, David. 2010. A Companion to Marx’s Capital. Verso, London and New York.

Harvey, David. 2013. A Companion to Marx’s Capital. Volume Two. Verso, London and New York.

Smith, Kenneth. 2012. A Guide to Marx’s Capital Vols. I–III. Anthem Press, London and New York, NY.

Harry Cleaver, Study Guide to Capital Volume I
If people have other good suggestions, I will update the list.


  1. Simon Clarke has a very interesting guide on his site ( His reading is inspired by Rubin. Cleaver's Reading Capital Politically is not a study guide. MC

  2. Ben Fine & Alfredo Saad-Filho have a guide called "Marx's 'Capital'". Pluto Press published the fifth edition in 2010.

  3. I suggest you to not waste time on Marx.