Sunday, December 9, 2012

Paul Davidson on the Keynes Solution

A great talk here from Paul Davidson, a leading American Post Keynesian and the editor and co-founder of the Journal of Post Keynesian Economics.

A good introduction to Post Keynesian theory and an analysis of the current economic malaise.


  1. Thanks LK for the Davidson lecture. Some thought/comments. I watch the first 10 minutes.

    1) When Davidson made the comment that undergraduate classes teach financial markets are efficient and ask for a show of hands, he seems surprise that only two hands are raise. Do you question then that this is what is being taught?
    2) Davidson claims that China is going soon into recession? Are you surprise that he said that. Where is the evidence?
    3) Davidson needs to work on his sense of humor when attempting to tell jokes, No reaction from the class when he made several attempts.

  2. I do take issue with him stating that life in factories was better than that on a farm. Life expectancy did rise but this is mostly due to medical innovation and not due to working conditions. People moved into factories due mostly to farming innovations pushing people off farms not because the factor offered better working conditions.

  3. Only two or three people didn't raise their hands