Sunday, September 23, 2012

Michael Hudson and L. Randall Wray on Historical Evolution of Money and Debt

Two very interesting talks here by Michael Hudson and L. Randall Wray (both from the University of Missouri-Kansas City) on the nature of modern money and the history of money.

These talks were held at an interdisciplinary seminar series at Columbia Law School called “Modern Money and Public Purpose 1: The Historical Evolution of Money and Debt” (September 11, 2012). The moderator is William V. Harris (Professor of history and director, Center for the Ancient Mediterranean, Columbia University), who has a fine publication record on ancient Greek and Roman monetary history (see Harris 2008, 2011).


Harris, W. V. 2008. “The Nature of Roman Money,” in W. V. Harris (ed.), The Monetary Systems of the Greeks and Romans. Oxford University Press, Oxford. 174–207.

Harris, W. V. 2011. Rome’s Imperial Economy. Twelve Essays. Oxford University Press, Oxford.

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  1. Congratulations. Both talks very interesting, particularly Hudson's.

    I was wondering, what do you make of what Hudson said at the beginning of his talk? You know, around the time he mentioned Greenspan and Rand in an island attempting to make a profit and going through to Sumerian temples.

    And what do you think about Hudson's answer to the objections raised on the characterization of financial wealth as virtual wealth, claims over real wealth, not real wealth?