Friday, March 4, 2011

Bibliography on George L. S. Shackle

George L. S. Shackle (1903–1992) was an economist who was concerned with exploring the consequences of radical uncertainty – in the sense of Keynesian uncertainty. Amongst those influenced by Shackle’s work was Ludwig Lachmann and the Austrian radical subjectivists.

Shackle owed an important intellectual debt to Keynes, and was generally classified as a hybrid Austrian/Post Keynesian (or someone who drew “Keynesian conclusions from Austrian premises”):
“[sc. Shackle was] a lifelong opponent of the neoclassical theory of the firm, which he regarded as devoid of any relevant notion of human agency and unable to contribute anything to the analysis of entrepreneurial choice. On this and on macroeconomic issues he had much in common with Austrian analysis ... Somewhat surprisingly, however, Shackle did not follow the Austrians and abandon macroeconomics altogether, remaining a Keynesian to the end – the most fundamentalist of all the ‘Fundamentalist Keynesians’” (King 2002: 186–187).
I will start a bibliography here on Shackle and his ideas on uncertainty. I will also update it regularly.


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