Sunday, August 28, 2016

An Inconvenient Truth about the Modern Left

Explained in a meme:


  1. lol, you are entering the internet meme game too.

    The so-called alternative right rose to its significance almost entirely on the back of many many online memes, and Trump's campaign has been boosted by lots of online meme warriors.

  2. Sigh.

    What if I told you that obsession with side issues like open borders, pro or con, is a tool of globalised neoliberal capitalism? Divida et impera works again.

    Again, the main point is to not have neoliberalism, to decide to have zero unemployment: e.g. with an MMT JG. It works with closed borders. It works with open borders too, in any realistic case - e.g. UK from Europe today, the USA from anywhere on the planet.

    The. "economic." arguments. made. against. this. make. no. sense.

    They are based on (a) illogic that blithely discards the correct and logical Keynesian / MMT views purportedly held. Or (b) ridiculous assessments or projections of current or future conditions.

    1. calgacus

      you are mistaken because JG cant solve the problem and why?

      when the average wage increase more rapidly than the average increase in productivity stagflation will certaintly occur (i will mention the balance of payment constraint later).

      and dont mistaken if there will be open borders and mass immigration it will certiantly occur since mass unskilled population will certiantly decrease the average rate of productivity in the country.

      in order to prevent the problem of stagflation when mass immigration occur (assuming you are not evil neoliberal but a real keynesian MMTer)
      you will have to invest higher and higher percentage of your economic REAL resources in order to absorb this immigrants which in the end is self defeating strategy.

      1.mass immigration will put serious burden on the people of the nation because it will have to invest ever increasing amount of its real resources on building new public infrastructure (schools hospitals etc included). will force the country to rapidly increase its capital formation and it will force the country to teach this new immigrants the required skills (which in a case of mass immigration they will most likely will not have) to get the jobs which this new capital require.

      so basically with mass immigration purely economically you will have to invest ever increasing proportion of the real wealth of the economy into the public sector and public goods into capital formation and capital import and into trying to skill in a faster and faster rate the new coming people.

      and when higher and higher percentage of what your economy produce is public goods and educational programs while your country focus on importing capital or more and more focus is on creating your own capital.

      its a secure path to worse quality of life of your population or its a secure path to stagflation like in latin america since when you invest more and more of your real economy on the things i mention your economy will start to import more and more other products from other countries while you will start to export less and less which causing the famous balance of payment constraint.

      so basically mass immigration will kill the welfare state mass immigration will kill the welfare of the average joe and jaine and mass immigration will kill any keynesian and JG programs.